Affiliate program best practices for merchants

For years, i’ve been a member of amazon’s associates program and loved the tools they provide to affiliates to create links and enrich their websites. It was a hobby for me, and i thought that there was no way to do it better than amazon. Now that i spent much more time researching affiliate marketing, i have seen 100s of affiliate programs and i decided that there are two that are just as good, or even better than amazon’s. Here’s why: – Their advanced, dynamic, customizable links are even easier to create than Amazon’s! They offer dynamic stores and rotating dynamically updated product features hosted on the affiliate’s website and a variety of banners and text link tools. In addition to that, their program is two-tier, meaning that if an affiliate recruits a new affiliate under their account, they’ll earn a percentage of the new affiliate’s earnings as well.

What makes a program really great is a good affiliate manager. I signed up for their program with one of my websites in September, but didn’t have time to put the links up. In November the affiliate manager sent me a kind and personal email asking if i had any questions and offering to help with putting up my first links. It may have been a canned letter, but it came straight from the manager and was personalized and very kind and polite, so it was a good incentive to start working on the site. Personal contact is always a big plus!

Mondera Affiliate Program – is a jewellery and diamonds online store. Take a look at what kind of support they give their affiliates. If there is a promotion type, tool or resource that was ever invented, mondera will have it and most likely it’s updated version as well. They have a very comprehensive site, lots of tools and great linking methods. And their affiliate manager is very accessible, in constant contact with its affiliate on message boards and in email. No wonder their program was chosen to be Program of the Year by Abestweb members.

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  1. Chris Says:

    Okay so it’s taken me almost a year to come across this post, but thank you very much for the kind words on the Mondera Affiliate Program, ultimately most of the tools developed are the produce of requests by our affiliate partners. Knowing that ‘they need’ has made developing the support so much easier.