A blog for every amazon customer

Clickz reports: Amazon Testing “Plogs”. What’s a plog? Well, it’s a personal log created by amazon.com for you based on the information they have about you. Basically it’s all the info you saw when you were logged in until now, organized in a blog-like reverse chronological format. It’s an interesting idea, given the popularity of blogs. They way it sounds, they really don’t provide more info than they already did before – with the recommendations, new for you pages, messages, etc – they just reorganized it into a blog format.

They do not yet provide an RSS feed although that would be a brilliant non-spam alternative to reaching people in their inbox… i bet it’s will happen soon.

So far, my amazon pages do not show a plog, the service is in beta testing, so they must be limiting the users they test on. I am looking forward to seeing how well it’s implemented and whether it appeals to me as a consumer.

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