A Google browser? Some brainstorming.

Since Gmail testing began, there seems to be a break from the usual Google conspiracy theory building, as people are too busy pondering the implications of the new email service. However, I just read something really interesting over at Traffick: About Those Google Desktop Rumors:

“What if Google launched a full-blown web browser, complete with all sorts of Google-only features built in? My guess is that Google could swipe at least 25% of the browser market share within one year. Perhaps the Google Toolbar and Deskbar are merely tests for larger things to come? What do you think?”

Well, i think this is a possibility and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Google take such a bold step. I also agree with the 25% market share idea, although they would need to make a really good browser to make it worth switching to, and communicate the benefits to consumers very well. Of course they already know how to do that…

Compensation model – Opera is already leveraging Google Adwords ads as a compensation model for a web browser – see my thoughts on that here – and this would be a natural step for Google to take compensating for development and support costs.

Mail – Gmail would no doubt be integrated into the browser, and since the current beta web interface already acts more like an email client than a webmail interface, Google could easily transfer that into a piece of desktop software.

News – Google News as a side panel, RSS reader integrated? Or a custom Google News page as your start page with custom news sources? (Which would mean integration of mainstream media and your favorite blogs and alternative news sources – the ultimate free press hub, which would be 100% in line with Google’s brand values: power to the users.)

Orkut, the new IM? – could they make a little browser plugin-like thingie that would automatically log you in to Orkut and create an instant messaging like connection to the community?

And finally Personalized Search – by taking the search interface from the web to the desktop they could finally develop the REAL personalized engine, including local search, desktop search, personalized results, and all the fanfare we haven’t even thought about yet.

When i started writing this entry, i just thought it would be nice to have Google search well integrated into a browser. Having brainstormed the above, i think it would be brilliant both for us users, and for Google as a company. Google, are you listening? :)

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  1. Andrew Goodman Says:

    Hi Kati, dropped by your blog today.

    Mainly because the name of it intrigued me, and you linked to mine. :)

    The reason the name idared caught my eye is because it’s my grandma’s favourite kind of apple. Really!

    What’s the significance of it for you?

    — Andrew

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