Using neuroscience in marketing

I have always been interested in psychology and it probably played a great part in me becoming a marketing student – so much of marketing is about pschology! I am always on the lookout for psychological concepts applied to marketing problems, and this week i found something really interesting:

The folks at SalesBrain apply basic neuroscience theories to the selling process. They published a book that explains the idea in detail, but just reading around their site, you can get the gist of it – and it sounds very interesting and applicable to everyday marketing. Sure, some of it is common sense for a sales pro, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of the basic points of successful interaction with customers – and from a different viewpoint.

They operate on the theory that the Brain is made up of three parts:
1. The New Brain – rational
2. The Middle Brain – emotional
3. The Old Brain – decision maker

They argue that the real purchase decision is made by the Old Brain, which responds to 6 kinds of stimuli based on its characteristics:
Self-centered (address its immediate needs)
Contrast (allow to make quick and easy decisions)
Concrete (cut the buzzwords and heaps of stats and give real arguments)
First and Last (remembers the first and last sentence in a sales pitch)
Visual (visual stimuli gets to the brain faster than they can process its meaning – it can be an effective persuasive tool)
Emotion (emotions impact the was information is processed)

Read the rest on their site – it’s a very interesting theory!
Also, they have a good resources page with links to articles and papers to other relevant neuroscience topics and the Old (Reptilian) Brain.

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