Gmail is coming, is your mktg department prepared?

Good article on Clickz about the email marketing implications of Google’s coming Gmail launch ( This Is Your E-Mail; This is Your E-Mail on Gmail ). Reading the article i had flashbacks to Q4 1999, to the readiness articles on Y2K. Y2K never happened, but Gmail will. You’d better be prepared.

The gist of the article:
– Gmail is unfriendly towards HTML email (yay!), and there is NO outbound HTML (double yay). Email will be back to the basics, like it should. (Mktg bit: if you’re sending out HTML newsletters, you will have to come up with a format that fits into narrower screens)
– Massive crowds of Hotmail and Yahoo users are expected to migrate to Gmail as soon as it launches, so a good chunk of your mailing list will have to be updated. Make it easy for subscribers to change their email addresses.

As a heavy email user i am eagerly looking forward to Gmail’s launch, and as a consumer i am applauding their no-nonsense approach towards bringing back email where it belongs: email communication that is quick, easy and easily manageable.

As a marketer i have to say i am also optimistic about their approach. Even though i have had an email newsletter for 3 years, i never sent an HTML message before and i nevertheless got good ROI on the mailings. True, i don’t have open rates, but i have click through numbers and conversions. Which is always more important than impressions.

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