Pay-for-performance Marketing (my thesis)

The idea for this blog came when i was researching my thesis on pay-for-performance marketing. There were so many good articles, case studies, research reports i found and saved as bookmarks that i thought i’d share them in a blog so that others who are researching the subject or are interested in the business application of it may use the information as well. I still have a huge bookmarks and downloads file that i can post in the blog.

Meanwhile, my thesis was finished in December and defended in January.
My goal was to provide an overview of current online advertising trends, the emergence of performance-based advertising methods, and discuss the advantages and challenges of search engine marketing and affiliate marketing in the context of online marketing.

The thesis provides a comprehensive overview of

  • pay-for-performance marketing, definitions, opportunities and challenges, current trends in the market,
  • a comparison of impression-based online advertising and performance-based advertising
  • detailed analysis of affiliate marketing as an online marketing and advertising method
  • detailed analysis of search engine marketing, both organic search marketing and search engine advertising.
  • a research study of attitudes towards online advertising with special emphasis on search engine advertising among “Internet-savvy” educated Internet users (conducted via a web-based survey)

You can read the contents and the introduction to get a taste of the thesis and its contents, and if you’re interested in getting a copy of the thesis please post a comment to this post with your message and contact information. (If you enter a URL in the form, your email will not be posted on the web but i will have it and will contact you soon.) UPDATE: No longer available. Sorry!
Download Contents and Introduction (PDF, 46 KB)

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  1. Miles Finn Says:

    Interesting thesis – please send the whole thing.

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    very interesting. please email me the whole thing.


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    Please could you send me a copy of your thesis, it looks very interesting.

  4. felix Says:

    I am working in my final proyect for the uni. It is about internet advertising on line. I would love to read more about the topic and i would be very grateful if you could send me the whole copy.
    thank you in advanced.

  5. Hari Says:

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    I’m studying internet marketing right now and would be interested in reading your thesis.

    That would be great if you can send me a copy!

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  8. Steffen Says:

    I’d be happy to see the full version of your thesis, as I am working on mine.:)

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    Could I please see a copy your thesis?

  10. Philo Tran Says:

    Sounds fascinating. I know people that are building a very successful pay-for-performance marketing company. Please send me the full research.

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    I am interested in reading your whole thesis. I’d be glad to get a copy of it. Thanks in advance.


  12. Thomas Says:

    I am writing a thesis on technical aspects of SEO. It would be great if I could use your thesis to contrast SEO to other Internet marketing tools. Thank you!