Affiliates & search: it’s a good thing

Marckini has done it again… another article that is full of no-bullshit, hands-on advice and usable wisdom that truly enlightens. (You get the idea, i am starting to develop kind of a worship thing here…)

Good to Compete With Your Affiliates in PPC Search” href=”″>It’s Good to Compete With Your Affiliates in PPC Search

The take-away: by letting your affiliates compete with your own SEO and paid search efforts, you’re:
a) capturing more real estate on the first search results pages, which are the only ones a searcher will look at
b) squeezing out your competition from the same real estate
c) “If you contractually forbid your affiliates from using PPC search advertising or prevent them from advertising on a predefined set of keywords, you won’t suddenly face less competition. If they don’t buy that real estate for you, they’ll probably do so for your competitor.”
d) effectively increasing your search marketing budget by whatever amount your affiliates spend on promoting you in search

Fine print: you shouldn’t go as far as disclosing your whole search strategy to them because you know, they do the same search stuff for your competitor too…

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