Priorities in search marketing

Fredrick Marckini again hit the nail on the head with a recent article on why he thinks most marketers are doing “Ass-Backwards SEM“.

He argues that if marketers would spend more time on improving the persuasiveness of their websites and thus improve conversion rate, they would have higher ROI on search campaigns. Instead what most are doing is fiddling with keyword lists and PPC prices and not caring about the site they send the click-throughs to.

“What do lazy search marketers focus on? Only the keywords that convert. They fiddle with bid prices and ad copy but fail to address the fundamental underlying problem of their site’s low conversion rate.

It’s a little like discovering your car is covered in dents and scratches. It looks hideously beat up. Instead of fixing the dents and the paint job, you wax it.”

If you improve conversion, you have higher ROI for the same $$$ spent on PPC ads. It’s that simple.

A good reminder on what you priorities should be in any marketing activity on the web: first get your site in good shape so that it does what it’s supposed to do (sell products to consumers looking for them), and then drive as much traffic as you can serve.

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