A meta search engine that makes sense, finally

Interesting new meta search engine on the block:
jux2. Now, there are a zillion other engines that aggregate results from different top engines, but this one is different in that it compares the results it gets from 2 of the top engines (your choice of Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves against each other), and provides you with a cleaned up list. The idea is that by using different engines, the web user comes away with a wider assortment of results, resulting in a healithier experience.

They did some testing to see how the top engines match up: “In tests we conducted using the 500 most popular search terms, on average, Google and Yahoo! shared only 3.8 of their top 10 results. (…) Looking past the top 10 results confirms the thesis that the search engines are quite different from one another. In a separate test of 91 random searches, we found that Google and Yahoo! share only 23% of their top 100 results. Furthermore, only 4.8 of Google’s top 10 results even made Yahoo’s top 100 (conversely, only 5.4 of Yahoo’s top 10 made Google’s top 100).”

Finally, it’s not a competition about which engine is more relevant, it’s about getting every result that the top 3 engines think are relevant in one place. I like the idea.

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