Googlemail coming up soon?

Another interesting development reported from the house of Google: Google Developing Ad Service for E-Mail?. The article reports that according to its sources Google is developing an eMail service which would be a rival to Hotmail or Yahoo and another vehicle for Google to deliver its contextual ads via Google Adsense.

Google has over and over said that they will keep their service simple and focused on search, but with the Yahoo drop and Inktomi and MSN coming up fast, they may be rethinking their strategy. I personally can’t wait to see Google give email the Google-treatment. So far everything they touched turned into gold (literally – think ad banners – or not – like news or usenet, they simplified them just for the sake of providing access to information, and tying their users to themselves of course).

I got thinking about the possibility of Google Mail and brainstormed further from my previous post on personalized search
With each user registered on Google and having a private account that knows who they are and what they are interested in, Google could deliver daily information packs about subjects the user is interested in. E.g. in one email they could serve you the day’s relevant news stories (Google News), the day’s best price offers for your favourite products (Froogle), any new websites that the Google algo thinks are relevant to the ones you clicked on from the search results perviously, and of course a serving of Google Adsense banners, all highly relevant to your interests and expressed wishes, and needs (from your recent web search history). Too Fahrenheit 451? Maybe. But it sure sounds like a good product offering to me.

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