SEO with CSS, a nice tip

I am trying to use as much XHTML/CSS instead of plain HTML as i can because i found that i significantly increases the indexability and organization of HTML page sources, which in turn results in higher organic search rankings. And, most importantly, this is simply a usability feature and not a dirty SEO trick!

I just found a nice trick on ALA, about how to have a page header and still get an H1 tag to be the first content element after the BODY tag:
“An H1 tag placed directly after the BODY tag will be weighted heavily by many search engines, especially if it contains one or two of your keywords. But sometimes, putting a nice big heading tag after your body tag can detrimentally affect your masthead image placement. Using CSS, we can work around this little hang-up in some instances by placing our masthead logo as a background.”
Read the rest at Using XHTML/CSS for an Effective SEO Campaign @ A List Apart

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